To serve or not to serve that is the question???

I strongly believe that most people in Kuwait don’t know what is the meaning of after sales or customer service. I just can’t get it when people treat you badly when you go to them after you paid for the product or service you wanted. In other words when a customer enters a store he/she will be greeted like a king/queen. I tell you they put the moon on your right hand and the sun on your left hand but they dare you to go to them once the product you purchased needs fixing or some kind of service. They will treat you like a mouse who wants to steal their cheese. Anyhow the purpose of this post is to see what is your opinion when it comes to selecting the best three customer service places in Kuwait. It can be any company or store. Your first choice should be the best choice and so on. I will announce the winner in three days from today!!!


Bu Zeyad said...

Honestly I can say I have only had experience with Toyota well actually Lexus but still I think all the companies can learn from Al Sayer's customer service. That the way customer service should be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bu Zeyad, AlSayer has the best after sale service in Kuwait, when it comes to dealerships. but when it comes to telecom providers they all provide mediocre service so it is really tough to choose the best of 3 bad service providers... but I can name the worst service provider... That would be Zain.

ajn said...

my vote would go to Lexus

Anonymous said...

I agree, the worst is zain
can't we vote for the worst? nbk is bad as well :p

I have to agree that alsayer are good.

YWQ said...

There you have it.

AL Sayer is the best

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