Transport for London has been working on a new, more efficient, double-decker bus for London to replace the classic Routemaster. Today, London Mayor Boris Johnson and Transport for London officially unveiled the new bus co-designed by The Wright Group and Thomas Heatherwick. The new design uses the latest in green hybrid technology and will be 15% more fuel efficient than existing hybrid buses, 40% more efficient than conventional diesel double decks, and much quieter on the streets.

Wala 5abenah 5abah

It never came to my mind that the micro sim was simply a sim card that was cut into a smaller size. i thought that the micro sim had some new features. what makes this topic even more interesting is the fierce telecom race on claiming who will be the first in kuwait to provide the micro sim. in the end it turned out that we were the victims in believing that the micro sim will change our lives. i can say only one thing to the telecom companies here in kuwait " Wala 5abaitona 5abah”