Mercedes SLS

Good day everyone. It has been a while since we posted any article on this blog. The reason for that is simple. WE ARE ALL BUSY WITH LIFE. Anyhow I was sick for a couple of days and it took me 6 days to realize that I could post on our beloved blog. I decided to post about the Mercedes SLS. I am not a sport cars fan but this car is something else. I can’t stop thinking about it. I know it is fast and stylish but one interesting fact about this car is that it has actual TNT in both doors. YES you read it right TNT. Now let me test you guys who are in love with sport cars. WHY TNT in both doors???

I will post the answer for the question above in a few days time. As for me posting, I think I will start again and hope that the rest of the gang do the same. Hope you liked this post and I wish everyone a wonderful day.

P.S: there is a new roadster SLS but I love the old one ;)