Mabya3a of the Week: Back Flip Guy

Google Maps Navigation

This is why I love Google!
They are inovative, they exude a can do attitude, and are relentless in their research
and development. This is why they have left Microsoft looking more like one of our
infamously bureaucratic ministries than a software company. Their latest product looks
amazing, and if it does what they say in the video i'm sure it would be a huge hit.

Watch out Garmin!

Porsche Product Plan to 2013 Revealed

Autocar appears to have come into Porsche's future plans. The following is a supposed outline of what the company wants to bring to market.
The year 2010 sees the arrival of the Panamera V6 turbodiesel. Since this is an entry-level car (price is speculated at about £60,000) meant to be frugal, it will probably not use AWD but send power to the rear wheels.

The Volkswagen-borrowed engine could be re-engineered and updated so it can also be adapted to the next-generation Cayenne which gets a more curvaceous look like the 911 for 2010. The SUV will feature some engines from the Panamera including direct-injection V8s and a full parallel hybrid. The latter was approved last year but only joins the lineup in 2011.

By 2011 Panamera should be a well-established name and ripe for a hybrid. A similar system to the Cayenne hybrid is likely but without the AWD burden. While the US could get a V8 hybrid, Europe will probably opt for the smaller V6 alternative.

The summer of 2012 welcomes an all-new 911 which will share very little with the current car. Longer and wider, the sports coupe will also be more powerful and more fuel-efficient than ever.

The Cayenne finally gets a smaller sibling in 2013. Rumoured to be called the Roxster, this compact SUV will share Audi Q5 underpinnings and maybe engines. The same year a brand new entry-level Porsche arrives to see the Boxster/ Cayman range move more upmarket.

Having spent quite a substantial amount developing the Panamera, Porsche is keen to spread the platform around and recoup its investment. Possible strategies include creating another model as well as a two-door Cabriolet. Should the board approve we could see it in 2013 as well.

4G Soon!

We are marching slowly but surely towards fourth generation mobile telephony. This spring, Ericsson announced the installation of the first area of LTE networks in Stockholm. This name applies to the technology that will establish the specifications of future very high speed connections. The next step is now being taken with the development of USB devices to enable laptops to connect to the Swedish LTE network. That should be possible from March 2010.

The South Korean company Samsung is working on the project directly with Ericsson and will supply the accessories, which are being labelled as 4G. However, in reality it might be more appropriate to describe this technology as "proto-4G". Indeed, the real next-generation mobile network is not expected to come into operation until the end of 2011.

Game of The Week: Bloons Tower Defense 4!!!

After being addicted to the first three games in this series, Ninja Kiwi have finally come out with a fourth insallement. I still remember the guys at the chalet looked like zombies as they were glued to their laptop screens like there was no tomorrow when I told them about the last version in this series.

For those of you who don't know, this is a creative tower defence game in which you use dart-throwing monkeys, and other things to stop baloons from reaching the end of the path. You can also gradually upgrade your weapons to keep up with the ever-increasing number of baloons trying to get through. Be warned, this game is VERY addictive!

We Support "SHRQ" The Movie

"SHARQ" from Jukebox Society on Vimeo.

"SHRQ" Is a kuwaiti movie by kuwaiti hands thats why we support .



*WINNER: BEST SHORT: 2007 Independents Film Festival*

*WINNER: BEST SHORT: 2007 Ojai Film Festival*

( Cambridge Intl, UK / Seoul Intl, SK / Expresion en Corto, MX )
( Cannes Short Film Market, FR / Bluegrass Intl, US / Sapporo Intl, JP )
( Salento Intl, IT / Global Peace, US / Chicago Children's, US / Gulf Intl, UAE )
( Starz Denver, US / ARPA Intl, US / Chroma 9, MX / Santa Fe Intl, US )

directed by Erik Sandoval

produced by Abdulaziz Alsharhan & Erik Sandoval

executive producer Nasser M. Al-Sabah & Jesse Sandoval

screenplay by Abdulaziz Alsharhan, Fahad Bishara & Erik Sandoval

translated by Saoud Al-Mosaibeh & Abdulaziz Alsharhan

director of photography Wael Alomani

music by Daniel Wingate Safford

acting coach Khaled Al-Refai

starring Yousef Al-Najaim, Hussein Yousef, Bader Al-Mohsen,
Abdulaziz Obeid, Zeid Obeid and Bader Al-Shuiby

copyright 2007

Logitech Notebook Kit

Laptops are quickly becoming the de facto computing tool, but due to their portable designs, they're not always the best when it comes to ergonomics. That's where the Logitech Notebook Kit ($100) steps in. Including a compact wireless keyboard with number pad, a pivoting stand to help raise the screen to eye-level, and a comfortable wireless laser mouse, the Kit is an all-in-one solution for laptop users.

20 What?!?!?!

A Football Pitch is Nowhere for a Lady!

This happened during a La Liga match between Osasuna and Racing Santander .

JOIN Lgaima Sweets At BASMETI-Q8YA

You are invited to celebrate and taste the Best Basbosa In Kuwait by “Lgaima Sweets” At BasmetiQ8ya Expo. In Al-Raya Ballroom, Sat & Sun 24-25th of oct 2009.. LOVE THE BASBOSA ..For Any Inquries Call 99909710

The Ultimate Moblie

Why should you read about it when you can watch the video?

OMG Luuuuuucky!!!

Omma moo bas daaa3eeetaaa!!!

Yal Tuuubaaaki Inta!

I couldn't comment on this video if I tried!

We want your feedback

Dear Chalet Hala's Friends,

Good day to all. It has been nearly a month since we launched our blog. We would highly appreciate it if you would give us your feedback about our Blog. Please be honest and tells us whatever comes to mind. You can comment on anything between "your Blog needs improvement" to "your Blog is the best". Your feedback will help us improve, even if it was a negative comment. We are still learning everyday. Thanks for your help! :)

Super Cat wants to thank you for your feedback!

Mabya3a of the Week: Stankovic

I am not a fan of inter or even the Seria A, but when you score a volley from the half-way line I will raise my hat to you.

Congratulations Dejan, You are the FIRST mabya3a of the week!

Look at that mabya3a stare....

Game of The Week: Demolition City 2

I love physics base games as I am sure you have noticed, you can add this game to the list. The objective is to demolish the structure and bring it down until it reaches a certain elevation.

Warning: Do not play if you plan to accomplish something in the next couple of hours!

Crazy Liverpool Baloon Goal!

Yesterday Sunderland were playing Liverpool, and then this happened.

Liverpool ended up loosing in what was to be their fourth loss this season. Ironically, the ball was thrown on the pitch by a little Liverpool fan. But off course if any of you know one of their fans, they will tell you something like this happened!

Liverpool FC: "This is our year" since 1990...

Maldivian ministers hold underwater meeting

Members of the Maldives' Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals on Saturday at an underwater meeting staged to highlight the threat of global warming to the lowest-lying nation on earth.

President Mohammed Nasheed and 13 other government officials submerged and took their seats at a table on the sea floor- 6 meters below the surface of a lagoon off Girifushi, an island usually used for military training.

The underwater meeting was held ahead of a major UN climate change conference in December in Copenhagen.

Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard

Bring a little light into your sun-deprived PC gaming world with the Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard ($80). With both red and blue backlighting LEDs, the G110 lets you set just the right mixture of the two in software, and has other gaming-centric features like 12 programmable G-keys and three M-keys, great for quick-access macros and scripts, automatic game detection with Windows key disabling, an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting a headset or headphones, a spare USB 2.0 port, and both Mac and PC compatibility.

Dubai Car Accidents

This is a video of what goes on the roads of Dubai. Its sad really, but our roads are not really any better.

Cool Pool Concept

Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition

If you happen to be searching for timepiece perfection and have a load of money to spend, look no further than the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition ($TBA). Based on 2004's Monaco V4 Concept Watch and coming just in time for the venerable Swiss watchmaker's 150th anniversary, this twice-patented technological beast features a new belt-driven transmission that replaces the traditional pinion and wheel mechanical movement, a linear mass to replace the normal oscillating mass, a platinum case, a beveled and arched sapphire crystal that curves down to join the sides of the case, and an alligator strap with titanium insert. Limited to just 150 units, each Monaco V4 is hand-assembled by watch master Denis Badin. Steve McQueen would approve.

Top Gear in Dubai

Stone Grill Welcome to K-Town


Stone Grill the extraordinary dining concept is finally in Kuwait, the restaurant offers a unique interactive dining experience where diners meals are served cooking at the table on super-heated natural volcanic stones . Where you can cook your selected dish on your own table .. AMAZING.

This concept is originally from Australia and now it located at Hotel Ibis Kuwait in Salmiya ( Booking (+965)25713872 )

So of You are a Meat Lover, That's Heaven =)

Enjoooooy .....

مسلسل الإعتداءات على الدكاتره في الكويت - إلى متى؟

This was in Al-Adan Hospital. I know doctors in Kuwait can be infuriating sometimes,
but this is no way to act in a civilized country!


Q8 Offer

All of us love saving money or getting the best deals in anything we want to purchase. In other words we love offers. I was browsing the internet and found a Kuwaiti website that gathered most of the offers found in Kuwait in a single place. It does not have a lot of offers because I guess it is new. Have a look and you might find something that may interest you.

Slingbox (Bringing satellite to your mobile)

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you “Slingbox”. Slingbox is a device that enables you to watch your favorite satellite channels on your mobile device. The device is sold for around 50KD on Once you buy the device, you only have to place it near a satellite receiver and connect it to the receiver. The Slingbox device has a component and HDMI slots for you to connect to the receiver. You also have to connect the Slingbox device to the internet and connect some kind of infrared controller to the receiver. Software has to be downloaded from in order for you to control the channels on your receiver from you mobile. You can also use Slingbox on your personal computer. I personally tried it and loved it from the first time I used it. I suggest that you give it a shot and try it. You never know maybe it will make your life even better.

2010 Honda VFR 1200F

Tear up the road on the new 2010 Honda VFR 1200F ($TBA; Spring 2010). Expected to get an official intro at the Tokyo Motor Show, the 1200F boasts a 1,237cc liquid-cooled V4 engine good for 172 hp, impressively-sculpted body panels sitting atop a vacuum-molded cast aluminum chassis, Throttle By Wire for increased throttle response, an optional Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission with paddle-style shifters, and a next-generation shaft drive system. We'd recommend ditching the all-black outfit of the rider above, however, lest you be attacked by a confused group of other bike-riding ninjas.

Future of Gaming

This is the future of gaming watch the video for more information Click Here

Do u trust your media?

This footage is from Cnn's coverage of the first Gulf war, I am speechless...

Hi, I'm a mac...

For Girls Only, LoooL!

I don't know what their marketing dept. was thinking, but you can't get much more sexist. However I will admit that it is a bit funny. But don't shoot the messenger!

Lexus LF-A

The appointment of racing enthusiast Akio Toyoda as Toyota CEO has breathed new life into the Lexus LF-A project. After being frozen some months ago the car has recently been thawed and spied testing around the Nurburgring. Speculation is that a near-production model will appear at this month's Tokyo Motor Show. Lexus will only confirm that a two-seat supercar will make its world premier at the show. "This concept vehicle epitomizes the purest form of driving exhilaration and performance," a statement says.

The LF-A has been under development since its debut as a concept at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. Back then company top brass spoke of a 200mph sports car to compete with the likes of Porsche 911 Turbo and the Ferrari 430. Since then spies have caught it on and off doing testing around the ‘Ring as well as other places. Word speaks of a V10 powerplant worth over 368kW (500hp).

Great things are expected of Lexus' first ever supercar, not least of all handling prowess. While many manufacturers put cars on the ‘Ring that only belong in a circus ring, the LF-A really needs to be much more if it is to successfully take on established players like the Nissan GT-R. The rumoured V10 with a speculated 405kW (550hp) can be heard twice pulling away from the filling station. Even the shooter can't help but exclaim at the glorious sounds the black and white pair make during their quick getaway.

Q8BBQ .. (Thumbs Up)

Hello Guys ..

My friends and I gave Q8BBQ a try last weekend and it was amazing ,the main concept of this new home-based business is that they provide the food (raw meat,chicken ready marinated) and you enjoy the grilling at home,chalet and even farm houses.

haitham alsaffar the owner of this business assures that all food (meat & chicken) are local and slaughtered the Islamic way (HALAL) plus they offer home-delivery around Kuwait.

Give them a try, its worth it =)

Contact them on + 965 999 78 227 / + 965 999 Q8 BBQ

Blood Sculpture!

Chicken Nugget

I read an artical today by Rawaby al Banay in al qabas newspaper under the name of

"الكويتي الـ«ماك تشيكن».. والكويتي الـ«تشيكن ناغت» " . The writer gives you an idea about the ideology of the term "Chicken Nugget". Read and have fun.

Hidden Camera goes wrong!

Keep Looking...

What is wrong with this pic? loool

The New BlackBerry Messenger (BBM 5)

The new BlackBerry messenger was released yesterday by research in motion. This time it is official with no errors. You only have to download the following link:, , into your BlackBerry device and the new Blackberry messenger will be ready to be used with all your old Blackberry contacts. I tried it and it is marvelous.

Sony VAIO X Series

And you thought the MacBook Air was light. The Sony VAIO X Series ($1,300 and up) is the world's lightest notebook, weighing just 1.6 lbs. and measuring just over a half-inch thick thanks to an amazing lightweight carbon fiber body. Other features include a 16:9, LED-backlit LCD display, a multi-touch trackpad, built-in Verizon 3G, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, SSD storage, a 2GHz Intel processor, GPS, and Windows 7.

Burger King's New Look

As part of a plan to be revealed Wednesday in Amsterdam, the company will announce a massive effort to overhaul its 12,000 locations worldwide. The sleek interior will include rotating red flame chandeliers, brilliant TV-screen menus and industrial-inspired corrugated metal and brick walls.

"I'd call it more contemporary, edgy, futuristic," Chairman and CEO John Chidsey told The Associated Press. "It feels so much more like an upscale restaurant."
But that comes with an upscale price: The new look is expected to cost franchisees, who operate 90 percent of Burger King's locations, between $300,000 to $600,000 per restaurant.

The company said the new design, called "20/20" at the Miami-based chain, is already in place at about 60 locations around the world. Burger King expects about 75 more redesigned restaurants to be open by the end of next year. But it will take years before all its locations are transformed.

Burger King franchise owners are contractually required to update their restaurants after a set period of time, and executives said the redesign will be the primary option for future upgrades. All new restaurants will be built using the plan.

So far, remodeled restaurants have seen sales climb about 12 to 15 percent, while restaurants that are torn down and completely rebuilt at the same location have seen sales climb by as much as 30 percent, Chidsey said.

I guess BK's managment see that its time for a change. So far it seems to be working 12 to 30 percent is no joke but I wonder how long will it last? Will McDonalds jump in on the action? When we will be seeing any of this in kuwait? Sorry about the small picture couldn't find a better one. To read the rest of the article Click Here

Bad Math...

I got to admit math wasnt my strongest subject in high school but I never answered like this...

LaCie Starck Hard Drives

Ditch your boring external or portable drive and pick up one of the new LaCie Starck Hard Drives ($100-$250). Available in capacities ranging from 320-500GB for the Portable and 1TB-2TB for the external, these gorgeous Philippe Starck-designed drives feature shiny, organically-shaped front surfaces with tough gray shells and USB 2.0 connectivity. In addition, the desktop version's front is touch-sensitive, allowing you to open applications with the touch of a finger, as well as a signature Stark status LED that glows green or orange based on activity.

Kicked in the Skull!

Next time you stub your toe, think of this guy. He will make it all better!

Meet My New Pet.. "Sebastian" THE FRESH WATER CRAB

Meet "Sebastian" my new pet, i bought him yestreday.

You should know that fresh water crabs are Small and fascintating scavengers, also an escape artists capable of finding almost any hole in the hood of an aquarium.

so say hello to him .....

السنيدي بالكويت

Visit to al Sunaidi in Kuwait . For you who dont know it, its a shop that has every thing you need for "6ala3t bar" under one roof .I recomend you pass by it's in shwaikh thier number is 24812121 and MAP.

Wanted house for sale

Ever wonder what the house of your dreams would be....well check out this guy'z  idea of the house of his  dreams in " al waseet " 

Melting steel with sunlight! Wow!

World's Most Expensive Objects!

Check out this cool list.

Drunk People Are Funny!

One of many reasons why you shouldnt drink...
Who can tell me what hes doing wrong?

Psychatric Answering Machine

Try it out for your self...Add Video

Volkswagen Golf R & Scirocco R hit the Racetrack

Volkswagen has released a new video showing their Scirocco R and Golf R in action. The clip is pretty self explanatory, so watch it and enjoy.
As we have previously reported, the Scirocco R has a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with 265 hp and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque. Connected to six-speed manual transmission (or an optional dual-clutch DSG gearbox), the front-wheel drive hot hatch runs from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds (6.4 seconds with DSG) before hitting an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

On the other hand, the Golf R uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter TSI engine (with direction injection) that produces 270 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Despite the weight plenty of all-wheel drive, the car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds (5.5 seconds with DSG) before topping out at 250 km/h (155 mph).

The Scirocco R will start arriving at European dealerships this fall, while customers can pre-order the Golf R later this year. I can't wait till they hit Kuwait I know I am considering geting one. What about you?

Blast FromThe Past


6th of october

I got this sms today " This might intrest you. visit " . Well i visited the site it had a count down timer , plus 4 short clips of a kuwaiti guy with his little sister in London . So i think its a movie but im not sure check the site your self and if you have any info please let us know .

A Kuwaiti called Fahed Nasser has been reported missing in London

I will update you with any news i hear

Latest news its a ZAIN TEASER


As we said its a GAME sponsered by ZAIN ! CAn you find Fahad?