Pink Berry Not Berry Good At All!

Ok so after I heard a lot of commotion about Pink Berry I finally made my way there after Friday prayer! I got to say it was s huge disappointment especially that I am such a fan and loyal customer to AL Shaya restaurants! My brother asked for a taste of the green tea when I had already ordered one of each to sample. He warned be about the taste but I didn’t listen thinking that I was a connoisseur of gastronomy and he couldnt tell the difference between sweet and sour.

Let me stop here for a bit and give u an idea of what they offer in case you don’t know. There are 3 flavors Original (plain), Pomegranate and Green Tea! Topping are split between Fresh Fruit and Dry Toppings (Chocolate and coconut shavings, something that looks like rainbow colored cornflakes and more…).

So I was determined to like it I took the spoon and tired the Green Tea first! I don’t want to be rude so let me just say I am glad it wasn’t such a big spoon! I moved on to the original it was better only because I had some fruit toppings on it but it tasted like the yogurt that they put on the dinner table. It was so sour! Honestly I did not taste the Pomegranate. I trusted the ones who tasted it before me this time and said it was not good! We left the stuff barely touched and went back to our usual table at Haagen Daz.


Service was great.

Ambiance was very nice

Toppings were good but the main product really lacked. It tastes like Nadec yoghurt. Not that Nadec is bad it’s just not something for you sweet tooth.

I don’t think the Frozen Yogurt is supposed to taste like this. If it does then they should add a new topping Stuffed Grape Leafs (Wara3 3inib) Like in the picture below. Or take some home and put it on your ma2looba .

If you don’t trust me try it out for yourself and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback


B & D said...

:( we are like!! it totally depends on each individual..but i guess u should have tried their mix pomegrante & original swirl with toppings as all berries and white chocolate shavings and granola..the toppings does play a role in the taste... :)
Haagen Dazs is always on top :)

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