Slingbox (Bringing satellite to your mobile)

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you “Slingbox”. Slingbox is a device that enables you to watch your favorite satellite channels on your mobile device. The device is sold for around 50KD on Once you buy the device, you only have to place it near a satellite receiver and connect it to the receiver. The Slingbox device has a component and HDMI slots for you to connect to the receiver. You also have to connect the Slingbox device to the internet and connect some kind of infrared controller to the receiver. Software has to be downloaded from in order for you to control the channels on your receiver from you mobile. You can also use Slingbox on your personal computer. I personally tried it and loved it from the first time I used it. I suggest that you give it a shot and try it. You never know maybe it will make your life even better.


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