Q8BBQ .. (Thumbs Up)

Hello Guys ..

My friends and I gave Q8BBQ a try last weekend and it was amazing ,the main concept of this new home-based business is that they provide the food (raw meat,chicken ready marinated) and you enjoy the grilling at home,chalet and even farm houses.

haitham alsaffar the owner of this business assures that all food (meat & chicken) are local and slaughtered the Islamic way (HALAL) plus they offer home-delivery around Kuwait.

Give them a try, its worth it =)

Contact them on + 965 999 78 227 / + 965 999 Q8 BBQ


B & D said...

the only place at BasmetiQ8ya Expo that didnt allow me to get a click and didnt leave a really good impression on my sis as well..and i love to post with photo's ..then i decided not to give it a try..

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