Yesterday a friend of mine passed by a new "gahwaa" in free zone called "Area". Its a place to go chill , sit on the confy couches , have some sheesha and drink from the varaity of shakes they offer. Since it just opened it has a limited food menu so u have the privilege of ordering from the diverse resturants around. I loved the decor of this place. This place really, truly allows you to kick back ,relax and have fun .


Obama makes surprise call to US radio show

President Obama had quite a surprise for outgoing Governor Tim Kaine (D-Va.) as he called into Kaine's monthly radio show, "Ask the Governor" on CBS Radio

Ya Salam 3ala Hal Igneyah

Ihda'a to all readers :)


Measuring Babies

Babies being babies will not stay still cuz you want to measure their progress in height. They are going to wriggle, shout and do everything to ruin your job when you measure them from head-to-toe! This is why I suggest the Baby Measuring Crib Fitted Sheet. Madree where you can find them in Kuwait, but akeed you could find them online. Nawaf you have to get one :P

Clare Chen

Indians not allowed

Haagen-Dazs in india but NOT for indian's !!

Color Popularity Report

DuPont has released its annual Color Popularity Report, and for the first time has converged data from across the world. Whats the most commen color in kuwait ??


Found this picture online....Cute Kid

Liverpool's New Kit