Zain's Iftar Saem Tents

Zain Kuwait, the leading telecommunication operator in Kuwait, has set up three tents for its giving back to the community program. The tents provided delicious meals for the people fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. The tents where placed in highly populated areas (Khaitan, Amgarah, and Fahaheel). This program has been going on for the past 5 years with an increasing number of meals each year that reached up to 2000 meals per day in Ramadan 2010. It has been recorded that Zain Kuwait distributed 30,000 meals the previous year and is estimating to distribute 60,000 meals this year. Zain’s employees from all the departments volunteered to organize this event which shows their sprit of belonging. Thank you Zain for your endless support to the Kuwaiti community.


Frankom said...

قواهم الله
زين والوطني من أكبر الشركات اللي تدعم المجتمع
خيم الوطني أيضا وزعت العام الماضي أكثر من 100 الف وجبة

نتمنى من جميع الشركات الخاصة انها تسوي اللي ماتسويه الحكومة

Anonymous said...

Eee walla jizahum alla khair

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