VIVA Sponsors Maryam Al Joaan’s Expedition to Antarctica

VIVA Kuwait today announced Its support for Maryam Al Joaan, the first Kuwaiti female to go on a scientific expedition to Antarctica. Al Joaan, an energetic young woman, is representing the Kuwait Science Club to raise awareness for, and to study environmental issues with an expedition, organized by a Canadian NGO called “Students on Ice” In February 2011, Al Joaan will be joining scientists, University professors, and other students from around the world, for a ship-based expedition, during which Al Joaan will be focusing on university-level field courses, while experiencing one of the most unique places on Earth.


ali al rakhayes said...

mashalah thats so great!! with these kinda of minds we truly move forward and develop kuwait

Anonymous said...

AMAZING VIVA walla they are supporting alot of youth

Anonymous said...


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