The New Mini Cooper Countryman Rocks!!!

I have always wanted to buy a mini cooper. Its just a car that brings joy to my heart. Never had the chance to go and see what is the car's price range. i bet that they are expensive because of all the options it has. I had the pleasure of driving a mini cooper sidewalk nearly a year ago and it was something out of this world. when you drive it you feel like driving a remote controlled car. so much fun to drive this car. the new mini countryman will be released in 2011. one day inshala i will buy one.


Slashy said...

حتى هالنتفه سووها 4 بيبان :(

عاد أنا أحبها :@

ليكون غيرو حتى الصغيرونه؟ وله هذي موديل بروحها بس 4 بيبان؟


YWQ said...

this is a new range i think

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