VIVA Greets Kuwait In the Holy Month of Ramadan

Extends Giving Campaign with Special Activities and Promotions

In a press conference held yesterday of Dany Doueik, CCO, VIVA Kuwait, and Rana Al-Resheed, VIVA Kuwait’s Marketing Director discussed the special activities, events, and promotional packages, that will be introduced during the holy month of Ramadan, while emphasizing that all are extensions of the “Giving Campaign” launched by VIVA Kuwait in February.

Promoting community spirit in the holy month of Ramadan, VIVA Kuwait launched our “Al Moukhulessen television Campaign” which honours ordinary Kuwaitis who have distinguished themselves in their careers through their extraordinary contributions in the development of Kuwaiti society.

Demonstrating once again the social responsible role VIVA Kuwait wishes to play in the community where we live, work and socialise, both Dany Doueik and Rana Al-Resheed were pleased to announce a Special Needs offer, which provided people with disabilities an opportunity to have exclusive rates on a minimum of 2 voice lines and up to 5 voice lines for family members.

A new range of numbers that start with 505 were also introduced adding more benefits to our customers’ lives paired with first time offers.

In the spirit of Ramadan, VIVA Kuwait is also offering customers the opportunity to donate to charity via SMS.

VIVA Kuwait also announced plans to be the platinum sponsor of the Rowdan Tournament for 2010, a move geared to promoting better health and well being for all Kuwaitis.

VIVA Kuwait extends its sincere wishes for a prosperous and blessed holy month for the people of Kuwait during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.


Anonymous said...

love the way how viva is entering the door

Fahad² said...

@ NOON : there is more to come ;)With VIVA everything is Possible

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