VIVA Launches 4G Network Testing

VIVA Kuwait announced today that it is testing the latest standard in mobile network technology – 4G

A 4G network will make it even more feasible for VIVA Kuwait customers to access Internet services such as online TV, blogging, social networking, and interactive gaming- all on the go.

Mobile Multimedia services will also prove to be even more enjoyable with VIVA Kuwait’s 4G network, which also improves mobility, provides high throughput, and more efficient use of radio and online live streaming TV networks, reduces latency, and plug and play feature that allows the addition of new devices without requiring reconfiguration.


Khalid Al-Zanki said...

It was pleasure testing G4 device during the press conference! Most of the media guys were so shy to step-up and test it infront of media TV stations.. I like its speed :)

Anonymous said...

when will the 4G be ready for us to buy and enjoy???

Fahad² said...

@ khaled sharfnaa 7othoreek

@ Anonymous enshalah by 2011

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