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My New Year resolution for 2012 was to learn German. Yes you read it right, I wanted to learn to speak and write German. Why German in particular, don’t ask me it just came to my mind. Well it did not happen and fortunately a better resolution came to mind. Guess what???
I have been over weight nearly most of my life and i have tried all the techniques possible to lose weight except for one which is the easy way out and it is doing one of the slicing your stomach operations . Succeed with some techniques but for a short period. I would gain weight after stopping that dieting technique straight away. My new approach for losing weight was to eat whatever I want but make sure to control the quantity and try to exercise. To be honest I am a demanding person and can't accept going to ANY gym to do my exercising. I wanted a gym that:

1.       Has a personal trainer who was professional and knows what he is talking about
2.       Has people who motivate especially the trainer
3.       Was not far from my house and Has proper parking
4.       Has good equipment
5.       Was flexible with timings since I wanted a personal trainer
6.       Was not crowded with people so that I can use the equipment without waiting
7.       Has reasonable prices
8.       Is clean and properly maintained
9.        People subscribed in and got real results
10.   Has friendly people working in
Yes the above requirements are demanding but I found such a gym here in Kuwait. I bet you want to know which gym I am talking about. The gym I am talking about is called Club Fit.

Let me tell you a little about Club Fit and my experience with them. Club Fit is owned by a couple of Kuwaiti gentlemen. I was lucky to meet one of them who took the time to explain to me how Club Fit can help me achieve my goal. The gentleman was really respectful and supportive. One of the main reasons I joined Club Fit was because of this gentleman who explained to me how professional the trainers in the gym were. There are basically a total of five trainers who had some degree on training and sports. Most of the trainers are British who graduated from top sports universities in Britain. After chatting with the Kuwaiti gentleman and I got convinced of joining the gym a session was booked for me to do a fitness test to measure my fitness which was horribly bad. A Welsh trainer was assigned to be my personal trainer. The trainer tried to understand my fitness level, my goal, my eating life style, and any conditions I had. In other words the trainer did not jump into training me straight away but took the time to understand my case. After the fitness   session the trainer told me the plan he had in mind and how we can work together to achieve my goal. The trainer was really supportive and a good motivator, just what I was searching for. So now I have completed a week of training and I have lost Kilos but I am not going to say how much so that no one can envies me. ;) .In conclusion I HIGHLY recommend joining this Gym because of the main reasons I mentioned above.
Link to Club Fit website
I guess Learning German will be next year resolution !!!!


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