Kuwait: Heaven On Earth

Today I woke up and felt so much lucky to be living in Kuwait. A lot of people just don't appreciate what this lovely country is giving them. I agree that the weather could get really hot and corruption is found in some places but never the less there is just something special about Kuwait. I would like to remind all of you gentlemen and women of all the benefits we get from Kuwait.

1. Free medical care to everyone

2. No Taxes

3. Freedom of speech

4. All citizens are guaranteed free education and a job when they finish their studies

5. Full financial support from the government (interest-free loans, retirement allowance)

6. A house from the government for your family

7. Low prices on electricity and water

8. Oil cheaper than water

9. Full support for small and large businesses

10. Stocks in large companies for free from the government to everyone

The list can go on and on. I am pretty sure that if someone reads the above and does not live in Kuwait that they will come to kuwait like a flying rocket. I ask all of you to say thank GOD for all what Kuwait is giving us.


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