Zain's Mifi or Viva's Tiny Router ???

Battle of the mini routers has begun. Zain launched the first and smallest mobile router in Kuwait a few weeks ago. Yesterday Viva launched an even smaller router. The question is which of the two routers is the best. I have visited a lot of blogs and read their reviews. Some said the Mifi was better and others said that Viva's tiny router is better. I tested both devices and will not share my findings because I want you to test both devices and see which is better. Let me help you out with some things you can look for while testing:

1. Is the device easy to use? Switching the device on and off

2. How long will the battery last for?

3. What is the signal strength in average?

4. What are the extra features the device has? Example GPS , SD card, etc..

5. Quality of device? look and feel

6. Is the software that comes with the device user friendly?

7. Does the device have some kind of CLEAR indicator that shows the status of the device?

Those are some questions you might take into consideration when deciding which is the best device. I will be waiting for everyone’s findings. :)

May the best device win


alia alomani said...

maybe wataneyas winie ? :)

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