Shelby F-150 Super Snake Concept Unveiled

Shelby Automobiles has created a pickup version of the GT500 Super Snake series, which it premiered at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas earlier this week.

The model will be based on the (2003-2008) Ford F-150 and comes dressed in black stripes and Alcoa Shelby wheels. Under the custom hood, the 5.4 liter engine doles out 475 hp. Shelby has added 6 piston brakes to help reign in this raging red F-150. Suspension is also lowered by 3 inches (7.6 cm) and stiffened to improve road handling.
The kit also comes with several aerodynamic and optics components, including a custom front fascia, mesh grill and grill surround, a carbon fiber splitter, fender vents and brake cooling ducts. Super Snake badges are also peppered about.

On the inside is a leather finish with headrests and floor mats branded with the Shelby logo.


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